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Hey everyone! 

We're going to ask that anyone experiencing issues please, please, please help us out by doing the following: 


If you are having trouble with Breach & Clear: DEADline for PC, Mac, or Linux - please provide us with the following information:

1: What OS are you on (Windows, Linux, or Mac OS) - please be as specific as possible (include your version, and other relevant information).

2: Please include a brief description of the bug and what is occurring so we can get a feel for what is going on when we go through the logs.

3: If you have not run the game since this problem occurred - please include an output log. Your output log can be found in the following places:

- Windows: Navigate to Steam\SteamApps\common\BreachAndClear\bnc_Data and attach output_log.txt to your reply.
- Mac OSX: Open your Applications folder. Click "Utilities". Click "Console". Navigate to the entry for Unity and right click "Player.log". Choose "Reveal In Finder". Attach the "Player.log" file to your reply.
- Linux: The log is written to /home/user/.config/unity3d/Mighty Rabbit Studios/Breach & Clear - please attach the file "Player.log" from this folder to your reply. 

4: Please get us your system specifications:
To gather system specifications, you will need to do different things depending on your operating system.

- Windows: Open the start menu and select or type "Run". Enter in "dxdiag" and hit enter. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open after doing this. On the bottom of the screen click "Save All Information". Save this file to a location and attach it to your reply.
- Mac OSX: Click the Apple logo in the top left and then choose "About This Mac". Choose "System Report" and hit CMD+S to save the file. Attach this file to your reply.
- Linux: Open the application called "hardinfo" so it can get the information we need. Save this to a location you will remember and attach it to your reply.

5: If your bug relates to a save file issue, please include your Breach & Clear save file (search your computer for a file called bnc.gun - that is your save file).


6. Start a NEW TOPIC in this SUBFORUM ONLY. Post said information and Attach all pertinent files to the topic. We'll get to looking! 


Gun Media -Assistant Producer/Community Manager for Breach & Clear www.breachandclear.com www.facebook.com/breachandclear




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Is it too late to add formation/firing perimeters (like Starship Troopers Terran Ascendancy)? It would add some more interaction to squad movement for "arcade" players.




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Playing on Windows 8.1 When i go into the offices I go into command mode and one of my team usually my medic starts receiving damage and dies then all of them die and there's no way to stop or escape it.

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